Flash Lite Diary: 1.0 Let There Be Lite And There Was Lite | Part 2

Once I had the SDK up an running and had looked at a few more fla source files and final swf’s I then think, ok how to I make the swf? (the end product). After fiddling with the IDE for about 2 minutes I change a few target device settings and hit the publish button – it compiles the swf from the fla – and seconds later out pops the swf amazing – is that it?… yes it is! Man is this looking good compared to all those j2me builds and almost a joke to the seasoned coder 🙂

I soon realise also that if it is that easy to build the target build (that would probably need to be optimised later for the target devices) then every body will want in on this if they have been a mobile games developer. Within 45 minutes I have a rotating sprite scrolling backdrop (crap bitmap effort not tiles yet) and sound – awesome! though I am still compiling for 1.1 and not 2.0 so I don’t know just yet what the trade-off or major differences between the two actually are, so I don’t get too much more excited just yet heh 🙂

I then think OK give me a week or so and I could probably knock up a game alpha build of some description so for now I leave the IDE and concentrate on the actual business end of things.

Distribution… where is it as compared to all other platforms I have developed on?… well there is some but you have to look hard for it. Some developers I have come across already seem to have their finger in the FL 1.1 pie and have distributed FL game titles and apps with larger publishers and some are left out in the cold for now. To cut a long story short here I contact Dale at Mocket after reading about his planned entry into the FL distro scene on 18th October and after a few business related questions about % rates and exclusivity etc. I eventually sign the NDA… as I have now signed the NDA of course I will not mention any further dealings with them other than if they turn out to be good or bad in the months ahead of course, as for now it all looks normal and a good place to start (or getting the door open enough for product pitching later).

Now at this point, and we are coming to the end of the first day (if your still with me then thanks! and I promise future updated to this FL dev diary will be much shorter heh) and I am left in a fairly upbeat mood regards this as a viable platform to make money over the next year alongside everything else I code on – early days for me but it does look viable as a business venture to waste my time on – time being the most valuable commodity of course to any professional developer (read… professional as in you get paid for what you develop – amateur as in you don’t of course like everything else).

Mostly at this time I have my dev machine setup with demos of FL SDK’s and such like and have not actually acquired the full licensed versions of nay software just yet – I’m still on trial with the whole FL experience and I will know when it is time to cross over into the lite fully from past experience mainly and shell out for the full versions etc.

I look to increase my FL toolbox to make FL games etc. further… so now at the end of the day I’m getting tired but have just enough brain energy left to download a FL decompile after finding one on Google… I have always used decompilers since the 80’s and I’ll be honest if you want to learn a particular code set first, then bugger the cost of books etc. just decompile and ‘learn’ but never copy another fellow coders code is the rule. If you blatantly copy code a) you are breaking the law in most cases and b) you will never be a good programmer just a parrot trust me I learnt the hard way back in the late 80’s 😉

I whack and swf I downloaded into the decompiler (another demo version) hit a few obvious buttons and out pops the deconstructed flash lite script and objects – Marvellous! 🙂

I then go for another cigar and I switch off for the day which was about (11 hours solid flash lite’ing) and overall a good day all in all – even after I have switched off for the weekend I know I will be back to take another in depth look at the decompiler and most likely acquire the full version shortly for further self training purposes of course heh 🙂

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