GameFederation And THQ’S Q2 & MINICK

GameFederation acquires Daydream

We reported it before (31-10-2006), but now it’s official. GameFederation has bought all shares of Daydream from 24h Poker. GameFederation made clear in it’s pressrelease that it expects to strategically expand it’s coverage on operators and make use of the close connection that Daydream has with SonyEricsson and Nokia. The acquisition also gives GameFederation access to Harry Potter, Loony Tunes, Batman, Superman and Mastermind licenses.

“Thanks to the acquisition of Daydream, Gamefederation has reached critical mass in terms of volume, turnover, products and customers, making us the market leader for wireless entertainment system platforms. With a larger operation, we are now in a position to undertake bigger client projects, and be an even stronger partner to our customers and suppliers” says Thomas Lindgren CEO for Gamefederation.

“We have a firm expansion strategy in place and will not rule out further acquisitions. The intention is to grow the business and increase our offerings in wireless solutions and service, thereby adding both technical and commercial value to our multiplayer and connected games platform GEX®.“ says Ray McCarthy, COO for Gamefederation.


Arjan recently posted about the sale of the Minick shares by THQ to Swisscom. Reason for my to take a dive in the last financial numbers to see if it might shed some light on the sale. Looking at THQ’s Q2 financials, which where posted by THQ last month, the wireless division (still including Minick) has declined in total % vs. other gaming platforms. In Q2 2005, wireless revenue accounted for 6.3% of the sales while in Q2 2006, this number declined to 2.9%. This looks dramatic, but if we look at the total THQ net revenues in those periods, we can say THQ Wireless accounted for $ 8.989.596 in Q2 2005 and in Q2 2006 for $ 6.965.713 which means wireless revenues have shrunk. The complete of the company was 68% up while Wireless is 32,5% down. In an interview with, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter tells us that the sale will have a small effect of just a few million which will hardly effect the company’s income statement. However a few million is a lot if you look at the wireless sales in percentages.