Vivendi And Infospace News


Vivendi announced on their website the acquisition of Centerscore, a mobile studio that has released several award winning titles. With the acquisition, Vivendi hopes to accelerate their growth into the market.

“The Vivendi Games Mobile division is gaining good traction in the worldwide mobile marketplace,” said Cindy Cook, chief strategy and marketing officer for Vivendi Games. “The addition of the Centerscore team is another step in our plan to be among the top mobile publishers in the industry.”

“Centerscore’s imaginative games have consistently been top sellers; and the diverse lineup of titles, particularly their excellent range of casual games, is a welcome addition to our existing portfolio,” said Paul Maglione, president, Vivendi Games Mobile. “What we found most exceptional about Centerscore is the Company’s ability to successfully build a team of designers, artists, developers and testers from the ground up, and to execute the creation and distribution of great games from under one roof.”

“As a young, creative team built around developing original games, Centerscore was hesitant to join a large company. However, Vivendi Games Mobile has the vision, the strength and the people with heart to make them an oustanding market leader,” said Oliver Miao, CEO of Centerscore. “We are truly thrilled to join the Vivendi Games Mobile team in delivering exciting, new games to everyday people.”


This afternoon we where in contact with Infospace around the recent news that spread around the net. This is the reaction from the InfoSpace spokesman;

“In an effort to improve operating efficiencies, InfoSpace is consolidating its mobile gaming business into two studios. As part of this process, activities currently carried out by the Hamburg, Germany games studio and its supporting functions will be transferred to the UK and San Mateo, California studios.”

So unlike the messages that reached us say, InfoSpace has carefully planned out this change and it is part of their company strategy.